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Economics: Journal Articles

Journal Lookup

To see if the library has a copy of the article you are looking for, look for a "Find at Marlboro" button or link in the article record. Click to see your options for getting the article.

If you don't see "Find at Marlboro," try checking our Full Text Journal List. Type in the journal title (not the article title) to find out if our library subscribes to the journal online or in print.

Online journals can be accessed from anywhere, anytime; if you're off campus, you just need to log in with your Marlboro user ID and password.

Current issues of print journals are on the middle floor in the Aron (new) wing of the library. 

Older volumes of print journals are shelved on the ground floor in a room in the Rice (old) wing.

Articles from journals we don't own can be requested via Interlibrary Loan; allow 1-7 days for them to arrive.

Journal Articles

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