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History of Famine: Welcome

A starter guide to finding primary sources about Famine.

Van Trip to UMass

Sunday, October 11th

Leave 11:30 from Dining Hall

Return at 5:30

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Asking the right questions

Helpful pieces of information that could aid your searching:

  • Geographical Location
  • Time period
  • Other significant events during time period
  • Is there an association or archival institution/group devoted/related to your topic?
  • Who are the significant people? i.e. politicians, historians, royalty, other leaders

Starting Points

  • Is your topic about famine in the United States? Check out the National Archives and read their recommendations about what questions to ask first.
  • Find the national/regional archives for the country/location of your topic.  Look for online finding aids!
  • Remember that secondary sources often list primary sources.
  • Look at the list of history reference books available in Oxford Reference Online to get background information and basic facts.

Subject Guide