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Organic Chemistry 1: Encyclopedias & Background Info

Find resources on the controversy around bisphenol-A (BPA) with this handy guide from the Marlboro College Library.

Online Encyclopedias

Basic Information

Google Better!

Tweaking your Google searches just a bit can help screen out some of the "junk" that a regular search returns. (Think: commercial websites; sites devoted to non-scientific discussions of topics; quackery; web pages created by middle school students; etc.)

  • Limit your search just to content hosted by trustworthy* entities
    • Add to limit to content hosted by educational institutions
    • Add to limit to content hosted by governmental websites
  • Instead of, start with (See Journal Articles tab for more on Google Scholar.)
  • To search within the contents of millions of scholarly (and popular) books, point your browser to
    • Some (mostly pre-1923) books will be available in their entirety.
    • Others will allow you to view portions of the book.
    • Others won't allow you to see any of the book's content.

*"trustworthy" is in the eye of the beholder; you still need to evaluate critically!

Subject Guide

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