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Poster Presentation Guide: Poster Presentation Guide

Advice on designing, printing, and presenting research posters.

Large-Format Printing

If you choose to create your poster as a single large-format document, here are a couple of options for printing:

Marlboro College Media Lab (top floor, Rice-Aron Library). Print up to 24" wide. Bring your own paper. Cost is $1.80 per square foot (of image, not of paper). An orientation is required to use the equipment; this can be done with Hilary Baker by appointment or with a scheduled Lab Monitor. The monitor schedule is posted on the entrance window to the Media Lab and on Hilary's office door. Hilary is also a great resource person for design and printing questions.

Lotus Graphics (Canal Street, Brattleboro; 802-257-1102) offers printing up to 36" wide. The cost is $6.99 per square foot (includes paper and ink). Files should be in PDF format.

Poster Design and Presentation Tips

General Advice

  • If you're designing a poster for a conference, read the sponsoring organization's guidelines and/or specifications carefully.
  • If you're designing a poster for a class, check with your professor regarding expectations for poster design. S/he may be able to refer to you models or best practices for poster design in the relevant subject area.
  • Design Better With CRAP: discusses the importance of contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity in creating a strong, easy-to-interpret design.

Tips and How-To


Dianna's Poster Guide

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